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Stuffed Green Pepper
Stuffed Green Pepper Stuffed green peppers are the “sine qua non” of the Aegean cuisine. The meal is prepared with rice that includes fresh mint and dill, salt, tomato paste and sauce… The classical style includes no cheese, but accompany yourself if you like the taste!

Hermetically sealed in sterilized cans. No need to cook or heat!

The food is ready to serve.

Suitable for vegetarians.

Serving suggestion: Try with yogurt!
ingredients Green pepper 25%, onion, cooked rice 17%, salt, thyme, mint, dill, black pepper, tomato, tomato paste, vegetable oil
Store in a cool dry environment. Keep refrigerated once the lid is opened (+4, +6 ºC) and consume within 3 days.

Best before: see lid.

Shelf Life: 24 months (+25 ºC room temperature)